Bldg. 2 Dreams for Boys

Toys made from natural materials and handmade toys

Traditional toys made by hand from materials found in the natural environment are on display here. Among these are miniature baskets made from wheat straw, mikoshi (portable shrines), centipedes, and other things ingeniously made from soybean stalks, flutes made from shell, and tiny wooden tops.

Firefly baskets of wheat straw

Geta (clogs) of clam shells

Tiny wooden tops

Nostalgic toys

Also found here are the cheap toys that children used to buy with their allowance money. Among the many nostalgic toys displayed are pasteboard dumps (counters used in games), tops, heliographs, toys made of tin and celluloid, miniature toys, magic lantern pictures, and the tiny toys that came in boxes of sweets and such. There are also toys of popular TV characters, such as Ironman 28, Kamen Rider, and ObaQ.

Tin robots (1940s--60s)

@Play corner

Here visitors can handle and play with a variety of Japanese traditional toys, tops, and folk toys. .

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