Bldg. 3 Dreams for Girls

Nostalgic toys and dolls

Celluloid dolls, collectible bromide pictures, miniature toys, marbles and other nostalgic toys and dolls dear to girls are displayed.

World of traditional crafts

Traditional crafts practiced by girls and women and passed down from days of old include making temari (thread balls), anesama (elder sister) dolls, chirimen (silk crepe) pouches, and miniature creations in a bottle. Numerous such objects from around Japan, all displaying the warmth unique to handmade crafts, are exhibited.

Creations in a bottle
(Late 19th to early
20th century)

*Play corner

Here visitors are able to play with wooden toys from Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Mexico, the United States, and other countries. These are simple toys that move only when played with and yet they captivate even the children of today.

*Museum shop

The shop has folk toys from Japan and toys and craft goods from around the world. Items are also sold in conjunction with special exhibits.

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