Bldg. 4 Folk Toys from Japan and Toys from around the World

1st Fl.

Japanese folk toys from all regions of Japan, ranging from Hokkaido in the far north to Okinawa in the far south, are introduced here.

2nd Fl.

Charming toys and dolls from over 120 countries are displayed by country.

1st. Fl. Folk toys from Japan

Folk toys dating from about 1600 to 1900 which have traditionally been made in regions around Japan are displayed by area. Many of these toys and dolls, made from wood, clay, paper, straw, and other materials found in the immediate environment, were created by adults for the enjoyment of children. Some have fallen out of use with the passage of time or because children no longer play with them. Many, however, are still being made in regions around the country as souvenirs or for aficionados and collectors.


Child on an elephant

(Fukushima prefecture)

Vegetable-shaped tops
(Miyagi prefecture)

Hachiman horse
(Aomori prefecture)

Sendai daruma
(Miyagi prefecture)

Kokeshi doll
(Tohoku region)

(Fukushima prefecture)

Jumping jack
(Kumamoto prefecture)

Chinchin horse
(Okinawa prefecture)

2nd Fl. Toys from around the world

Typical toys from Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, and North and South America are introduced by region. There are colorful examples of toys that have crossed cultural boundaries and are common everywhere, as well as ones whose shapes and colors are specific to certain regions. Toys and dolls made of natural materials are fast disappearing around the world.



Airplane (Peru)

Bird toys from
around the world

Dolls from around the world

Dolls in folk costume



Clay dolls



Wooden dolls


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