Special and Seasonal Exhibits

Each year, these special exhibits are held four times in Bldg. 1 and three times in Bldg. 6. Toys and dolls are presented from various angles.

Nostalgic Dolls
`Playing with Dolls during the Showa era`

3/04/17(Sat.) to 6/27/17(Tues.)

This exhibit conjures up the charming world of girls playing with dolls to enrich girls' hearts.
During the late Edo period (19th century), girls in Japan enjoyed playing-house with a rustic paper doll named Anesama. There are differences in shape, depending on the region; additionally, Anesama have a delicate Japanese coiffure.
In this exhibition, we display Anesama dolls and other kinds of dolls that girls played with during the Showa era (1926-1989). Furthermore, by changing clothes, adding miniature utensils, and furniture, girls enjoyed these dolls endlessly. Moreover, soft plastic celluloid Kewpie baby dolls were quite popular during this time.
Dolls such as Licca-chan and Jenny are very popular dress-up dolls for girlsf while playing house, these are produced by a Japanese toy manufacturer, and are also on display.
The exhibit in total has around 350 pieces.

Hina-Matsuri`Hina dolls and their accessories`

2/04/17 (Sat.) to 4/09/17(Sun.)

The world of Hina dolls and their accessories is portrayed through 50 sets of dolls from the 17th to 20th century. This exhibit introduces how the dolls and their accessories were shown according to historical periods and types, including those displayed with screens, in tiers, or court-style. One of our must-see exhibits is a variety of miniature wooden kitchen sets. They were not only presented with the Hina dolls but also were used as toys to teach girls how to do house keeping.

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