Special and Seasonal Exhibits

Each year, these special exhibits are held four times in Bldg. 1 and three times in Bldg. 6. Toys and dolls are presented from various angles.

NEXTWinter Special Exhibition
Christmas from around the world

Oct 26, 2019 (Sat) - Jan 19, 2020 (Sun)

This exhibition is to understand the meaning behind Christmas, displaying various forms of Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations of various areas are introduced by region, focusing on differences of Christmas customs. There are around 1000 items in this exhibition.

NEXTSummer Special Exhibition
Playhouses in Japan and around the World

July 13 (Sat) - Oct 14 (Mon), 2019

Children start getting into playing house around the age of 2. With playhouses, play becomes more enjoyable for children. This exhibition introduces the history of playhouse in modern Japan with our extensive resources here at the museum. Miniature tea sets and kitchen sets collected from around 40 countries in the world are also displayed. This is a fun opportunity to be exposed to the transition of Japanese food culture and other world food cultures. There are around 800 items in this exhibition.

Early Summer Special Exhibition
Warrior Ornaments of Boy's Festival

April 20 (Sat) - July 9, 2019 (Tue)

This exhibition explores characteristics of different eras by displaying warrior dolls and armor ornaments that were popular in major cities in the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods. There are around 30 items in this exhibition.

Cultural History of the Heisei Period

March 2(Sat) - November 12, 2019(Tue)

This exhibition follows the transition of popular toys of the past 30 years, displaying commercial toys that coloured the late Showa period through the Heisei period in chronological order.
It also introduces the factors that fascinate children and introduces toys that have been entertaining beyond generations.
We would like to provide an opportunity to look back at the Heisei period from the perspective of toys, and to consider toys and forms of play that should be handed down for future generations.

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