Special and Seasonal Exhibits

Each year, these special exhibits are held four times in Bldg. 1 and three times in Bldg. 6. Toys and dolls are presented from various angles.

Japanese Festival through Folk Toys

7/1/17(Sat.) to 11/14/17(Tues.)

Festival toys are displayed, such as miniature floats, portable shrines, paper-mache masks, and small heads of Shishi (an imaginary asian animal which resembles a lion), which had once been sold at street stands during festival days. You could visit various Japanese festivals held from the northern to southern regions through this exhibit of about 350 items.

Ethnic musical instruments from around the World & Toys that make sounds.

6/11/17(Sun.) to 10/22/17(Sun.)

This exhibition introduces audible toys that have been loved by children from all over the world by type, including rattles, toy drums, zinging tops and earthenware whistles. Simple ethnic musical instruments for children from around 60 countries are also introduced, grouped by how they make sounds, such as by shaking, beating, blowing, rubbing, or snapping. The exhibit in total has around 1,000 items.

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