神戸開港150年記念企画展「TOY & DOLL COLLECTIONの季節展



世界の乗り物玩具 Toy Vehicles from Around the World
●展示会期=2017年6月14日(水)〜10月15日(日) ●Exhibit open from June 14 through Oct. 15, 2017

It has been over 40 years since the Japan Toy Museum began amassing its collection, and it is surprising how popular the toy vehicles have been among children of all nationalities. This is not just limited to manufactured toys; you might fondly remember making paper balloons and bamboo leaf boats and watching them glide in the air or along the water. The abundance of toy vehicles communicates children’s love of these mobile objects and their dreams of transporting people and cargo across the vast world.
The word “vehicle” is an umbrella term for a multitude of varieties. From horse-drawn carriages and ox-wagons to automobiles, boats, airplanes, and so on, each invention is a product of human ingenuity. In Ancient Chinese literature,it is written that watching a mugwort leaf twirl in the wind is what gave humankind the idea to create the wheel.The culture of transportation expanded from moving objects with wheels to utilizing human, animal, steam, and engine power. We continue to develop vehicles to make them, faster,safer, and more comfortable.
In this section, the typical land and air toy vehicles from approximately 50 countries parade through these cases. The exhibit consists of rickshaws and automobiles, horse-drawn carriages and ox-wagons, locomotives, helicopters and airplanes, passenger cars, trucks and trailers, and fire engines. Toys of vehicles used in construction around the world?diggers, road rollers, and lift cars?are also included.

*夏の企画展* *Summer Exhibit*
神戸人形〜ミナトマチ神戸生まれのからくり人形〜 Kobe Ningyou〜Mechanical Dolls from the Port Town of Kobe〜
●展示会期=2017年6月14日(水)〜10月15日(日)  Exhibit open from June 14 through Oct. 15, 2017

Kobe Ningyou are mechanical dolls that were crafted in Kobe during the Meiji period. When you move their knobs, the dolls on the stands flap their arms, bend their necks, and open their huge mouths to devour some watermelon or gulp down some sake. Their comical actions and simple mechanics made these dolls popular not only with the children of Kobe but also with foreign tourists visiting the porttown, who would then carry them off into the rest of the world.
During the Meiji period, many of these dolls were beautifully accented with tree bark. They were once called Obake Ningyou (ghost dolls) and Nunobiki Ningyou fter Nunobiki Falls, the tourist spot they were sold at. At the start of the Showa period, they came to be known as Kobe Ningyou, and were painted completely black. Although we do not know everyone who was responsible for crafting the Kobe Ningyou, we believe that they were started by Hyakkidou Noguchi, then followed by Fusamatsu Dezaki.Tashirou Oda popularized the dolls at the beginning of the Showa period, and Masaatsu Kazuoka actively made them from the middle through the end of the Showa period.
Each of the many times these unique mechanical dolls have faced extinction they have been preserved and passed down by those who love them. Today, the Kobe Ningyou are crafted by Taro Yoshida of the Uzumori shop (located in the Higashinada District of Kobe City). He has begun passing the tradition on to the next generation.
This exhibit consists of 300 hand-picked pieces from the pride of the Japan Toy Museum’s collection, the Kobe Ningyo Collection. These dolls have a rich history that can be traced from the Meiji period through the Taisho, Showa, and Heisei periods

 ◇新春の展示    世界の伝承玩具〜こま・剣玉・ヤジロベエ・ボール・風車・凧〜   2017年1月25日(水)→ 2月19日(日)
 ◇春・初夏の展示   世界の国の人形たち                             2017年2月22日(水)→6月11日(日)
 ◇夏・初秋の展示  世界の乗り物玩具                               2017年6月14日(水)→ 10月15日(日)
 ◇秋・冬の展示   世界の動物玩具                               2017年10月18日(水)→ 12月28日(木)

 ◇新春の展示     ちりめん細工                                 2017年1月25日(水)→ 2月19日(日) 
 ◇春・初夏の展示   雛飾りと端午の節句飾り                          2017年2月22日(水)→ 6月11日(日)
 ◇夏・初秋の展示   神戸人形〜港町・神戸のからくり人形〜                 2017年6月14日(水)→ 10月15日(日)
 ◇秋・冬の展示    世界のクリスマス〜クリスマスを彩る造形〜               2017年10月18日(水)→ 12月28日(木)